About Us

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Through his leadership, caring and compassion Evan made the world around him a better place, which is why we work diligently to encourage initiatives that instill these values in our youth. It is our mission to support bullying prevention programs throughout Edmonton and to create safer, healthier communities.

Since our beginning in 2007, we have contributed to establishing the Olweus Program in over 25 Edmonton schools. The Olweus (Ol-VEY-us) Program is a comprehensive anti-bullying program designed to identify and eliminate all forms of bullying by promoting awareness and communication. More recently we have been a major force in helping to establish and maintain the Leader In Me program in schools province-wide. With our diverse program base, we have been able us impact more people in more places with more ideas.  Following the massive success of 2015’s inagural Power In Me, the society is in a unique position to positively impact thousands of students per year, and prevent bullying by inspiring leaders in our communities. These endeavours honour the spirit and personality of Evan, as do his family and friends who generously support our cause and volunteer their time year after year.

In late 2015 The EGM Society continued the process of becoming a leading organization for leadership and bullying prevention by uniting all of its efforts and goals under the Shaping Our Students initiative. The society’s mission is now centred around the initiative’s three pillars of supporting programming in schools, encouraging participation in Kicking Out Bullying, and promoting empowerment through Power In Me.

As the Society grows and moves forward, we would like to expand our efforts to include providing support for all schools who wish to implement bullying prevention programs that schools wish to implement. Through our continued fundraising efforts, we are poised to be a leading resource for funding and information regarding leadership programming and bullying prevention. It is our goal to see a world where children and youth are safe, secure and confident within their communities.