ARE you a school in need of funding?

Funding Application Form

In order to obtain funding from the EGM Society, you will need to complete the application form available above and email it to Each application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the following board meeting. Applicants will be contacted regarding approval and waitlist.

which initiatives does the egm Society support?

We are open to supporting all bullying prevention and leadership initiative programs; if you have a program you currently support or are interested in implementing, please let us know!

what are the main criteria for funding?

To receive funding from the EGM Society, the program selected must deal with:

  • character building in youth
  • bullying prevention
  • defining “bullying”
  • self- esteem and confidence building
  • promoting awareness throughout the community
  • achieving better peer relations
  • healthy learning environments

how much funding is available?

Typically the EGM Society offers $2000-$5000 per school, depending on other funding resources and student population. Funding is subject to approval and budget.