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OCTOBER 13, 2017 


A journey of self- discovery, self-esteem builing, and self-empowerment. This one day educational event is filled with discussion and entertainment facilitating a journey of self-discovery for youth.

The Purpose is to empower youth aged 12-16; giving participants an opportunity to connect with their peers that may be facing similar self-esteem challenges and work together towards self-empowerment.

This event is in support of the EGM Society which aims to reduce bulling behaviors and increase leadership qualities among youth. The EGM Society' Shaping our Students Initiative works closely with schools across the Capital region to build young leaders in their communities



2017 marks the 10 Year Anniversary for the EGM Society. In light of this milestone and in honour of the legacy for Evan, we would like to present:

After the tragic passing of Evan, a celebration of life occurred at his high school. At this event, seventeen of Evans closest friends lit a candle for each year he shared with us and described a characteristic that best exemplified who he was as a person.

It is these characteristics that define #LeadlikeEvan.

Loyal   True   Forgiving

Inspiring   Caring   Selfless Companion   

Influential   Sincere   Thoughtful   Unforgettable  

Miraculous   Million-dollar Smile   Respectful

 Loving   Compassionate   Honest

#LEADlikeEVAN is a movement! If you have a story of a student who best exemplifies these qualities, we would love to hear about it. Please submit them to the egmsociety@gmail.com by October 6th. A few of these #LeadlikeEvan stories will be showcased over the course of the event. For additional information feel free to contact us at egmsociety@gmail.com or Check the website Power in ME.




There isn’t much that is normal about Graeme. Maybe that’s because he grew up in DR Congo and Western Europe and visited 23 countries by the time he was 12? Or maybe it’s because he fell close to 140 feet while rock climbing and somehow survived? Or maybe it’s because we’re pretty sure he’s a ninja and might secretly be over 100 years old? Either way Graeme has explored much of the world and seen great suffering up close and has been profoundly shaped by his experiences. His passion for justice and the poor is only matched by his love of young people and his desire to see them empowered to create a new future for our world, one where every person and community has the opportunity to flourish and live the life they were created to live. Graeme is a social change innovator and has dedicated his life to finding creative responses to social challenges by creating pathways for others to give their lives away for the things that matter most. He lives in Edmonton with his beautiful wife, Carissa, and their two sons.


Kelly Falardeu

At the age of 2, Kelly Falardeau was severely burned over 75% of her body in her childhood home. Her life was forever changed in that moment. It led to numerous surgeries throughout her life. Because her scars are so visible it led to a life of being highly visible, to being bullied, to being shunned, to being avoided because they were uncomfortable knowing how to talk to her, and to her not feeling wanted, needed or even loved.

But she has a beautiful story of discovering for herself that she wanted herself, she needed herself and most of that she loved herself. She became herself and she owned who she was.

She was not defined by what happened to her, not by any event that happened to her.She met someone special and fell in love and had three beautiful children. 24 years later she learned even more about herself and her strength and divorced her husband and became a single mother. Her strength comes from within and knowing who she is. This led to eventually trying painting and the inspiration for this blanket. The image on this blanket is one her first original works and the message is her message to anyone going through similar struggles that she has experienced in her life.

Kelly found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential SpeakerFierce Woman of the YearBest-Selling Author (3 times), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and most recently a YWCA Woman of Distinction 2013.

You have to ask yourself how? How did a burn survivor who constantly struggled with rejection, staring and teasing burst through all the negativity in her life to succeed? You have to hear her speak or read her books to learn the stories of how she did it.


DAWN TAYLOR, owner of The Taylor Way, is a “Hope Giver.” life coach who offers her clients “A Safe Place to Land” as she passionately helps them to find their worth, learn to live and to love themselves.  Having struggled with gut wrenching depression, a broken back, sexual abuse by an uncle (coupled with a lack of belief from her family), a severe eating disorder, attempted suicide and a brain aneurysm which affected her memory, appearance and health – all before she was 18 years old – Dawn learned to become a fighter and a survivor. She then went on to deal with infertility, loss of identity in who she was and who she thought she should be.  Through an incredible strength, an insane amount of hope, a belief in herself and a stubbornness that would have made her fun to raise, she has fought to become the woman she is today: A successful business owner, coach, wife and volunteer to the hurt. Her deepest desire is to turn everyone she meets into their own rockstar through her strategy based coaching practice.  She specializes in anxiety and depression and in helping people change their “rules” that they have on their life and that hold them back.  From personal to business to marriage coaching and everything in between, Dawn will help you set a new standard, step up and create the new life that you want or even just tweak the one that you already love! 

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Dan Adcock is a local Edmonton resident who dedicates his time to the youth of today. Through hardships and adversity, Dan has overcome many challenges which have shaped him along his journey. After the tragic passing of one of his close friends, Dan made the decision to make a change. Several years later, he became the Executive Director of the EGM Society – an organization committed to reducing bullying and increasing leadership qualities among youth. Through this organization Dan has created the Shaping our Students initiative which includes the following three components: the implementation of evidence based programming in schools, the 3 vs 3 Kicking Out Bullying soccer tournament and the Power in ME day. Dan is a passionate philanthropist who seeks opportunities to give back to youth in their communities. 



Téa G is a local 14 year old dynamic performer that has been singing since she was six years old and started singing in front of the audiences when she was 9. Téa is an Edmonton born vocalist/artist who speaks and sings in English and French fluently. 

Téa has been a very committed young local philanthropist by using her music to serve her community.  Her list of local charities that she has served numbers over one hundred including the Alberta Cancer Society, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Canadian National Institute of the Blind.

Since the year 2011, Téa has sung and performed every week at the Living Wall, Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

Téa sings and performs the National Anthem (Canadian and American - both English and French) for Edmonton Rush (Lacrosse), Edmonton Prospects (Baseball) and is the official national anthem singer for FC EDMONTON (Soccer) for the past two seasons. 

Her accomplishments include the 2015 & 2016 Edmonton Youth Talent Grand Winner and 2016 Big Valley Jamboree Grand Prize Winner.  She was also awarded 2016 BVJ People Choice Award. The last prize gave her the opportunity to open for Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood in Camrose, Alberta.  

Téa is a captivating pop entertainer that believes that she needs to connect her music and songs always with a purpose.  She is honored to be a part of the  2016 Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta Showcase, and looks forward to connecting with many of her peers.

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Coming onto the scene early fall of 2015, this prolific pair saturated the Edmonton and area music scene playing more than 200 live performances to date! Alexander and Jenesa MacMullin are a Canadian pop duo with a folk undertone, hinting of both rock and jazz. This powerhouse vocalist and innovative guitarist met at jazz school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their unique sound is influenced by the music of The Civil Wars, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin and Gungor, to name a few. Their passion is to use music as their ‘soap box’ to encourage and inspire others toward justice. The couple writes and performs about topics that stir their hearts, from personal experiences to being an empathetic voice for the burdened. These two create catchy melodies and unique instrumentation as a foundation for their lyrics; lyrics that they hope will be both heard and felt by their listeners.

Since January 2016, the couple has released a music video, recorded & released their first EP, appeared on Shaw Television and were featured on multiple radio stations including CBC Radio 1. In fall the couple was nominated for the GMA’s 38th Covenant Award for “New Artist of the Year” for 2016. Their track, “Kissed the Girls” was a finalist in the Los Angeles Top Vocalist competition and the New York John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The two took to the road in March 2017 on their first Western Canadian Tour and, most recently, the duo’s song “Complexion” has been nominated for the Edmonton Music Award for the “Adult Alternative Recording of the Year” for 2016. Just last month the dynamic couple attended an intimate songwriters retreat with Judy Stakee, formerly of Warner Chappell in LA, where they ventured to further hone their craft as musical storytellers.

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Paul Woida

Paul Woida is a "one man band" who replicates the full sound of an entire band all by himself by using loops played and recorded live on the spot. His music can be described as pop/singer-songwriter and he is often compared to Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and Jeff Buckley. He is turning heads and winning the hearts of new fans everywhere he goes with his catchy hooks, emotive vocals, unique live show and incredible musicianship. He is the winner of the Hot 107 $10,000 dollar Hot Factor competition, placed 1st in the Edmonton Landmark Showcase competition and also placed first in the nation wide Breakforth Artist competition that received over 200 submissions. He also won a nation wide songwriting competition which allowed him to open for Meghan Trainor. The fact that you will not leave a Paul Woida show unaffected, uninspired or feeling like you didn't get your money's worth, makes him an artist who has a true edge in the music industry and who's career you'll want to follow closely.