Shaping our Students Initiative

The Evan Grykuliak Memorial Society (EGM Society) has been involved in shaping students since its inception in 2007, and is committed to be a champion for healthy schools and communities for years to come. Building a strong foundation of caring attitudes and interpersonal skills is essential for their successful development toward adulthood, and having the ability to positively impact students lives is incredibly rewarding. The goal of this initiative was to empower students to be a force for positive change in themselves and others, and to ensure that they have unfettered access to the tools of success.                   



The EGM Society’s mandate is to prevent bullying by inspiring leaders. As such, we vehemently support all efforts made by schools and community institutions to deliver programs that instill leadership qualities and strengthen social skills among youth. We encourage educational institutions to choose programming tailored to their own specific need, and engage us as potential partners for any such programming that aligns with our Society objectives. 



Equal parts awareness campaign, fundraiser, and fun teambuilding activity, Kicking Out Bullying was the EGM Society’s flagship event. It encouraged children aged 10-17 at any skill level to sign up their own team for a 3 vs 3 soccer tournament, where sportsmanship and teamwork are the focus. This event raised awareness about the issue of bullying while inspiring positive social interaction through sport. Teams were also encouraged to participate in a pledge drive, raising money for school enrichment programming by pledging not bully others, and to stand up against bullying behaviour when they observe it in peers. The tournament was an amazing place to connect with people throughout the community, and share in the spirit of teamwork, inclusiveness and outdoor activity.



It is no secret that a lot of young people in our society are struggling. They face difficulty building and maintaining self-esteem and don’t often have the resources or support to overcome these struggles. We are committed to changing that, and are starting the process by providing youth the opportunity to witness the empowering stories of others. We believe that every child has the potential to become a leader and the power to change or improve their life course. Our goal is for them to believe that too.

Students gathered at Northlands Expo centre to take part in an incredible collective experience know as the Power in ME Day. Attendees witnessed firsthand how people have overcome, and in fact benefitted from, the adversities and challenges they have had to face. It was an emotional, but highly impactful event where speakers delve into their personal stories of perseverance. Each speaker was then followed by an entertainment act to keep the students positive and engaged!