The EGM Society has been on its mission to eradicate bullying in our communities for the past 10 years. Our organization is run and directed by 100% volunteers. YOU can help the EGM Society with their mission by:



The EGM Society relys solely on volunteers like you. We have tons of volunteer opportunites through our events, schools we partner with as well as volunteer committees that plan and organize our events throughout the year. Find out more below about the current committee positions we have available.

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When you donate to the EGM Society you are contributing to the implementation of school-wide transformative programs that otherwise could not be afforded by schools looking to address this key issues effecting our youth.

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Spread the Word

Tell your schools, teachers, friends and family about the EGM Society and our initiatives. Tell us your story - if you have been negatively effected by bullying let us know. You are not alone.